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Hanafi lost his vision and his mother within months of each other

Hanafi lost his vision and his mother within months of each other. He had to move to a new school for the visually impaired and learn Braille in order to sit for his exams .

At Setapak High school for the blind, he met Danial another student who helped him with Braille and studied with him til 3 am . Alhamdulillah in the recent SPM exams they emerged top students with 7A's each.

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Top SPM scorers share their stories

 KUALA LUMPUR: Perseverance finally paid off, and quite handsomely too, for Mohamad Hanafi Nordin.

It took him a little longer than his peers, but he finally managed to sit for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations at age 20 last year.

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Blind students in Gaza receive our Braille Qurans which arrived last week from Malaysia

This week we're glad to welcome Abdirahman Farah from Somalia to our office. Brother Abdi is working at the Somalia president's office in Disability Affairs. We gave him a Braille Quran as well as a book of Hadith . We also took him on a visit to the Malaysian Association for the Blind and the national council for the Blind. He had a tour of the library, the Braille printing unit with the thermoform machine , the low vision center and the vocational training center.

Insha Allah the new National Agency for persons with disabilities in Somalia will benefit from his experience here.

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