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Online classes students to memorize Quran

People around the world have been under quarantine for the last 3 months but Gaza has been under movement control for the last 13 years. The Israeli blockade since 2007 has severely impacted the economy and now 86% of families rely on aid.

During the time of Covid-19 when masjids and Quran learning centres have closed, the lives of students and teachers at Dar AlQuran in Gaza has been impacted further.

Many teachers have become impoverished so we started a program to pay their salaries and online classes have started so students can continue to memorize the Quran.

We are raising USD10,000 to pay teachers salaries. Each teacher is being paid US$100 per month; able to teach more than 10 students per month.

Al Fitrah Foundation (based in Kuala Lumpur) has been supporting the Quran classes for many years, especially the memorization Quran classes for the blind students. Al Fitrah Foundation has delivered 100 braille Qurans to Gaza too, paid for by donors in Malaysia and Singapore.

Viva Palestina Malaysia has also been coordinating partner with Al Fitrah Foundation for Gaza Quran summer camp project for blind students for 8 years.

Donations/Contributions can be made through:

Maybank Account: 5-64324-601324
Please write reference as “QURAN”
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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AlFitrah Foundation Braille Quran Initiative from Chittagong, Bangladesh

I am always thankful when our Braille Quran reaches a blind person far away because it takes months on a ship to get there, and could so easily be lost. Today I got an email from Noushad who first wrote to AlFitrah Foundation Braille Quran Initiative from Chittagong, Bangladesh, 6 months ago about his relative Mohammad Gofran who was born in 1988,without any physical challenge, “his eyes were OK. When Gorfan was 10 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and during surgery in 1998, unfortunately he lost his sight . That time Gofran was student of Class Six.

After 3 years of blindness he started education at year 2001 from nursery at an Autism school of Chittagong, Bangladesh; at 2006 he completed primary education from the school. Then he admitted at high school near to his home, he studied at the school for 4 years, due to some challenge he cannot seat for Secondary School examination from the school. Then he was admitted to open university and passed Secondary School examination at year 2012.

At present Gofran spend his time at a small Khankha (where people pray) located at Dohazari, Chittagong,Bangladesh. Gofran’s present family consist of his mother and 3 sisters; His Father who supported him to come so far has died at the year 2017. “@ Chittagong City - চট্টগ্রাম শহর

Dar AlQuran Al Kareem wa Sunnah are organizing online classes

Every Ramadan AlFitrah foundation sponsors a summer camp for the blind in Gaza to learn the Quran but due to the Coronavirus this year all classes have stopped. In order to continue in a safe manner, Dar AlQuran Al Kareem wa Sunnah are organizing online classes. Please donate as per the poster if you would like to help. Jazakallah khairan.