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AlFitrah foundation started a food bank

AlFitrah foundation started a food bank this week at the Somali Refugee Centre. The area was chosen for its accessibility to many refugee communities. We are still learning the best way to do this but this first week Alhamdulillah we helped 99 families from 10 countries with grocery supplies.

People also donated items , even the Shopee supplier gave the cool box for free when he found out we were a food bank ! so we now can stock chicken and fish to give away. #kitajagakita

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Reaching out to the VIPs( visually impaired people) in our community through food aid

The Covid pandemic has affected us all greatly. Our office has had to close for the past month due to the higher risk of our visually-impaired staff travelling on public transport. However we have been reaching out to the VIPs( visually impaired people) in our community through food aid.

We also extended a hand to the poor in Kelantan who are in remote areas as they may be overlooked in food distribution programs.

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Blind lecturer exceeds expectations yet again by mastering online teaching

THROUGHOUT his life, Thavasothy S. Mailvaganam Pillai, who was born blind, has not only been meeting expectations but exceeding them.

The lecturer at a private college had to adapt to online teaching and learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic and movement control order. 

“I had to learn how to use an online teaching and learning platform fast during the first MCO last year.

“I have two adult children, who are doctors, who helped me, ” said Thavasothy who has a BA from Universiti Malaya and MEd from Australia. 

The 69-year-old, who retired as a history teacher from SMK (P) Taman Petaling, said his late father, who was an engineer with Keretapi Tanah Melayu, was his biggest supporter.

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Meet The Blind Muslim Couple Behind America’s Braille Qurans

At a cursory glance, co-founders and husband and wife duo, Nadir and Yadira Thabatah, are an unusual pairing by most standards. Their dynamic defies societal expectations, considering Yadira is entirely blind and Nadir is legally blind.

They have often been told how inspirational they are as parents, members of society and founders of a nonprofit, all of which they’ve remarkably managed ‘despite being blind.’

Given their successful endeavours, admiration is certainly warranted. However, the compliments prefaced by “despite your disability” can be highly vexing. On a surface level, it’s seemingly innocent, and yet it can be offensive considering the buried assumption that disabled individuals are generally not expected to curate accomplishments. It’s that subliminal perception, mostly possessed inadvertently by society, that Nadir and Yadira are working to get rid of.  

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