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“DU’AS IN THE LIFE OF A MUSLIM” is our new publication fromAlFitrah Foundation. Du’a ( requesting Allah for help) is the weapon of the believer. Constant du’as give us strength to carry on with life when things seem stressful or difficult to resolve. AlFitrah Foundation Braille Quran Initiative wanted to produce a book of du’a in English braille for the blind around the world.

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Collaboration for the Visually Impaired in East Kazakhstan Region

Al Fitrah Foundation has been working closely with its counterparts internationally since its inception in 2014. Alhamdulillah, in the case of our brother, Ustaz Askar Shakirov, we have come a long way. As after completing the Braille course and the Kazakh primary syllabus in 2013, in Malaysia, together with his peers, they returned to Kazakhstan and started the first ever classes in Arabic Braille. From then on until now, they have taught around 100 visually impaired individuals in Kazakhstan at their centre in Almaty, in Semey, East Kazakhstan region.

So far, these students have become very well versed in terms of Arabic Braille and even memorized many parts of the Braille Al Quran and they are now training their own students, Alhamdulillah.

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AlFitrah Foundation sent 100 braille Qurans to Gaza

AlFitrah Foundation sent 100 braille Qurans to Gaza and this year we also sponsored 3 halaqah of blind students to memorise the Quran, everyday after school from Saturday to Thursday.

There are many more students both sighted and blind who would like to learn to memorise the Quran. If you wish to help, please send a donation to Dar Alquraan AL Kriam via Viva palestina Malaysia at Maybank 564324-601324 more details at vpm.org.my . Reference: Quran Halaqah.

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Abdul Ahad from Yevla Nasik, Maharashtra

This is Abdul Ahad from Yevla Nasik, Maharashtra, a city 200 km from Mumbai. He has a Bachelors degree in Education and teaches arabic braille to the blind. In the next photo is Habibullah from Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh.

Alhamdulillah they have finally received our Braille Qurans which we sent via Rahman Foundation in Maharashtra some time back. The lockdown has taught us to be patient!

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