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Majid and Mike will be participating in the National Braille Quran Recitation Competition (MTQB) 2023 from 30 November – 3 December 2023 organised by PERTIS (Malaysian Islamic Association of the Visually Impaired) at Hotel Zecon in Kuala Lumpur.

Both Majid and Mike have registered for the Recitation of Al-Quran Braille in Tarannum category.

  • Each participant is given the opportunity to choose the surah and verses to read.
  • The allotted time is 10 minutes.

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We have two volunteers reading books for transcription at Al Fitrah Foundation. Both are authors.

Datin Syarifah reads every Tuesday, and Liza Shahida on Mondays.

Book of Poems

Datin Syarifah was inspired to write poetry during the Covid-19 lockdown.

There is a poem in her book about the joys and sorrows of a visually impaired person’s life inspired by Majid.

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Al Fitrah Foundation team attended the final day of SMK Pendidikan Khas Setapak’s (SMKPKS) annual sports event on 13th July at UIAM Stadium in Gombak.

Abdul Majid, Huwaida and Hilman had come to watch and cheer on the teams during the sporting events. Abdul Majid mingled with some of the athletes. There was excitement in the air as they ran over the jumps and round the track.

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July has been a truly busy month for Al Fitrah’s team. They share the load and work towards making things happen for all.

Visually Impaired Awareness Workshop

10 & 11.07.23. Abdul Majid, Al Fitrah’s Head of Editorial and Publishing, was invited to participate as a facilitator at a corporate workshop to raise awareness on the importance of including visually impaired brothers and sisters in the Malaysian society.

Majid has been trained to facilitate such sessions and hopes to continue to contribute in any way he can to raise awareness on this topic.

At the week-long event attended by employees of a local investment group, the workshops were held in a dark room. At first the participants felt uncomfortable doing activities in the dark, but after adapting to the situation, they were able to perform all tasks smoothly.

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On Friday mornings, Majid starts the day with a brief Tazkirah with his crew on topics about Islam, or surahs from the Holy Quran or stories about our Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and the Sahabahs. These topics act as a reminder and guidance for our purpose here, the good that we do on earth and the deeds that we bring to the Hereafter.

The weekly sessions are important to each team member.

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