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Blind husband and wife perform haj together

MAKKAH: "We could not see the Kaabah or the interior of the Grand Mosque but something just felt different when we stepped inside," said Esah Long, tears rimming her eyes.

The 72-year-old, who lost her sight following an illness when she was seven, recalled the first time she entered the Grand Mosque here with her husband, Abd Aziz Yusof, 73, who is also blind.

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Welcomed a delegation of 5 NGOs from Bangladesh

Alhamdulillah we welcomed a delegation of 5 NGOs from Bangladesh on Friday. The delegates had spent 3 days in Melaka being trained on the use and repair of Braille embossers by Anna Lau from Index Braille Technology Sys M Sdn Bhd. All these NGOs produce braille books for the blind in Bangladesh.

Also accompanying them was Shaima a visually impaired Yemeni refugee who is helping us with brailling work as a means of supporting her family.

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