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Our braille Qurans continue to reach the blind all over the world

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah our braille Qurans continue to reach the blind all over the world, may Allah bless all donors and the Malaysian postal workers who help us deliver our braille materials for free.

In the photos are the 10 Qurans donated by a Malaysian brother to the Waqf Foundation for Quran memorization in Lebanon, as well as a braille Quran donated by a sister in Singapore for Salman in Karachi, Pakistan.

Please continue to support our work , our Braille books have now reached the blind in 20 countries worldwide .

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The man who befriends terminally ill Muslims

If the photos to the right of Abu Mumin are anything to go by, he saves his smiles for the people he is helping.

Although far from curt or impolite in his demeanour, his voice carries a seriousness that is matched in his expression and body language, rarely fidgeting or breaking eye contact.

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Memorising the Quran in braille


Ali Bapputty of Thottumugham cannot hide his joy. With all the six volumes of the Quran in Braille in his possession, he cannot stop thanking those who gifted them to him. Though Ali lost his sight at 31, his grit and determination and firm faith in Allah saw him through.

Even at the age of 60, he does not depend much on anyone. After waking up early and completing his chores he heads to the Masjidul Furqan, about 100 yards away from home with a hand staff to attend al Fajr (the early morning prayer) every day.

He has been attending al Fajr since his school days but it has become a routine ever since he lost his sight.

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