Project with the Rahman foundation in India to teach blind Muslims to read Quran

We have an ongoing project with the Rahman foundation in India to teach blind Muslims to read Quran and to give them Braille Qurans . Maulana Qazi of Rahman foundation told us "We started a series of workshops for training the trainers in 2009 hosted by Idara Deeniyat Mumbai. It continued till 2013. About 14 states covered, 71 Ulama volunteers got trained to teach braille Quran and sent to work in thier areas. Alhamdulillah ALLAH used your brother for this very important task as a first runner. Ml. Aslam Shareef from Hyderabad is also my student from Andhra Pradesh. He shoulderd the responsibility and worked a lot. Blinds in Hyderabad, children as well as elders including these groups who were wondering tro and fro heard about facility to learn Quran in Hyderabad, they rushed to him. Ml. Aslam got the students and they got the teacher. As the journey started and till now it is continue. Some of them learnt arabic braille and became able to recite Quran with Braille. It is the mercy of Allah on them that the light of Quran reached to them through your generous efforts and service to holy book of ALLAH. ALLAH shower his Rahmah and Magferah on you and all who are with you to serve Quran. Jazakallah Khairan" In Hybrabad there is a group of blind people named group of minority working for the blind. One of them Mirza Majid Ali baig received the Quran. He told us "our group is searching Quran since 30 years but today I am fortunate that I received Braille Quran with the generous efforts of ALFITRAh FOUNDATION Malaysia. Jazakallah Khairan."

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Braille Qurans reach the blind in far away places

Masha Allah our Braille Qurans reach the blind in far away places. Here are the students at Zsubeb School for Special Education Tudun wada Gamzaki road Gusau zamfara state in Nigeria with the Qurans we sent from Malaysia through MAVIN (Muslim association for the visually impaired Nigeria).

Please help the Quran to reach more people by donating to Alfitrah Foundation's Braille Quran Initiative. Details at http://alfitrah.net/contact-us/donation

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