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Meet the Turkish family that looks after the Prophet Muhammad’s cloak

A family as old as Islamic history itself has been looking after the sacred cloak since the seventh century. TRT World visited the mosque of the cloak and spoke with the family in Istanbul’s Fatih district.

Hundreds gathered at the entrance of a mosque in Istanbul’s ancient Fatih district on a breezy Ramadan day in May. 

Outside, shopkeepers hawked a variety of dates and bottled Zamzam, the water that spills out of an underground spring in the Muslim holy city of Makkah.

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Celik hati demi al-Quran

Benarlah mereka yang cacat penglihatan walaupun tidak boleh melihat tetapi mempunyai hati yang menjadi `mata’ kepada mereka malah lebih terang daripada manusia yang celik.

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Hanafi lost his vision and his mother within months of each other

Hanafi lost his vision and his mother within months of each other. He had to move to a new school for the visually impaired and learn Braille in order to sit for his exams .

At Setapak High school for the blind, he met Danial another student who helped him with Braille and studied with him til 3 am . Alhamdulillah in the recent SPM exams they emerged top students with 7A's each.

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