Nur Arisa: Japanese Girl Embraced Islam After Reading Qur’an


Nur Arisa Maryam, new Japanese Muslim, 23 years old, born in Tokyo. She studied Malaysian language. One year later, she heard many words that she couldn’t understand. later she realized that these words were related to Islam (Arabic sentences), thus she took an Islamic course.

Her Malaysian friends invited her to Tokyo Camii and gave her Hijab. Nur says:

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Alfitrah foundation visited Setapak High school for the blind

When Alfitrah foundation visited Setapak High school for the blind , we were told that they had a team that played blind cricket.

This explanation of the game comes from our colleague Maulana Waqar younus in Karachi who is a teacher of Braille Quran.

Footprints: The blind postman of Haripur

IN a far-flung village of Haripur district, an elderly man wakes up each morning to deliver letters. Draped in a warm sweater or shawl, he sets out with a four-foot willow stick to find his way to even the last house in the village over the 12-kilometre-long track through the hills.

This is Muhammad Anwar, the village postman everyone fondly calls Hafiz sahib. He is blind, yet his handicap has not kept him from delivering letters for the past 44 years.

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Be my eyes

My friend Bilal who is blind but lives alone and works independently told me this is the most useful app he has . It links the blind with the sighted when they need assistance to read or recognise something.

You can sign up as a sighted volunteer.

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