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Muhammad Islah Busakorn is a member of IBQS who lives in Chiengmai, Thailand

Muhammad Islah Busakorn is a member of IBQS who lives in Chiengmai, Thailand. Here he is holding a braille Quran from Alfitrah Foundation, another member of IBQS.

Islah is a teacher and travels around Thailand to teach Quran. Here is a report of his recent trip. Alhamdu Lillah, this is a little report that I wrote concerning my trip experiences to Hadyai. It was sometime ago when I went to Hadyai to start up a Braille Qur'aan education system for the blind over there and with the help of Allah, the students began learning since then.

Consequently, there arose a need to visit the place and to follow up with the work progress so I setout for Hadyai on the 5th of March 2016 and returned on the 9th. It was a trip coupled with many unforgettable moments So I decided to note down some of them and share with you my learning experience.

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Blind journalist seeks out Palestine's forgotten voices

Jerusalem - Born blind, Budour Hassan lacked confidence as a child when visiting new places or trying new things. Even stepping outside was a challenge.

Now, at the age of 26, she seems worlds away from her childhood in Nazareth.

"There have been times at protests, when Israeli police have been beating people. There has been a lot of tear gas, and people have been shouting, 'She can't see, she can't see' as a way to try and protect me," Hassan told Al Jazeera, sipping on a double espresso.

"You know, I understand why they say this, but if I'm honest, I don't like this so much."

Covering protests and clashes has become second nature to Hassan, a Palestinian journalist who reports for several media outlets and websites in Arabic and English.

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Inside the Push to Restore Literacy for the Blind

For Elijah Hedgemond, his Braille books are a lifeline.

“It’s helpful to learn Braille. For me, I can’t read print," the 15-year-old said from his desk at the New York Institute for Special Education.​ ​

"​If I didn’t learn to read or write Braille I wouldn’t exactly be good in school.​”

He’s one of a number of students who are part of a push to bolster Braille literacy in the United States. Understanding of the embossed language, which consists of raised dots and patterns, has been challenged thanks to computers, tablets and audio books.

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Maulana Islah Busakorn from Chiengmai , Thailand reciting surah Al Hashr

Maulana Islah Busakorn from Chiengmai , Thailand reciting surah Al Hashr from the braille Quran we sent him. Alhamdulillah we have sent braille Qurans and Islamic books to the blind in 20 countries on 5 continents, many were donated and the Post office delivers braille books for free.

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