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Symphony Life Berhad donated 180 white canes for the blind

Alhamdulillah Symphony Life Berhad a property company here donated 180 white canes for the blind . We gave 80 to Setapak High school, 20 to the primary school in Batu Road and 60 canes to Princess Elizabeth school in Johor Bahru.

Another 10 canes were donated to Yayasan Raudhatul Makfufin a centre for the blind in Jakarta and the remaining 10 canes will be distributed to the poor blind in Kuala Lumpur, inshallah

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Somalia 2016 Update

I visited Al Basiir School in Mogadishu today.

I spent time with blind children who come to learn and some who also live here. (Most are orphans). I sat with them and ate with them. I observed them. Such resiliance, patience and strong characters. This school has been operating for 10 years and struggles day to day providing education/food and a place to sleep for many orphans with lack of funding.

Allah swt bless everyone involved in this.

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