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We have started a project with Maulana Qazi Muzamilludin and the Rahman Foundation to help several schools in India to teach the Quran to their blind students:
1) Idara Deeniyat Fintuch Mumbai. More than forty student are inrolled. (best institution working for braille Quran) Ml. Irshad +917977443136
2) Madrassa Abdullah ibn Um Maktoom Pune. 35 blind students are there with residence. Ml Raees +91
3) Project under M.S. Education Hyderabad. More than 130 students associated. Some of them attend/some read telephonically. 6 teachers involves. Ml. Aslam shareef +919000191295
4) Madrassa Imdadiya for the blind, Malvisharam Tamilnadu. 50 students are studing B.Q. with residence. Ml. Usman +919952120340
5) Madrasatunnoor Ahmedabad. 30/ 35 students are studying with residence. Ml. Asadullah +919173360501
6) Ahmedi Shool for the blind, Aligadh 100 student are studying school education. We are trying to start B. Quran learning system over there.

We will be sending 400 Braille Quraanic primers to India under this project inshaa Allah . This will be followed by full sets of Braille Qurans when the students are capable of reading Arabic Braille.

Please help us fulfil our goal by donating RM50 (USD10) for a Braille primer or RM250(USD60) for a Braille Quran. Our donation details are on www.alfitrah.net and our Maybank account is 5-64324-604245 under "Alfitrah foundation."

The centre has requested for more white canes for new trainees at their training centre so if you want to donate , the cost is RM25 each ( USD6) and payment details are at www.alfitrah.net

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Nur Arisa: Japanese Girl Embraced Islam After Reading Qur’an


Nur Arisa Maryam, new Japanese Muslim, 23 years old, born in Tokyo. She studied Malaysian language. One year later, she heard many words that she couldn’t understand. later she realized that these words were related to Islam (Arabic sentences), thus she took an Islamic course.

Her Malaysian friends invited her to Tokyo Camii and gave her Hijab. Nur says:

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