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Girls in Bradford Received Braille Qurans

Alhamdulillah these 2 girls in Bradford, England have received braille Qurans in Nov 2014 from brother Anwar Alnassar of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Braille Press in Saudi Arabia , a member of our IBQS union.

Where to Obtain a Braille Quran ?

A student leader Wajihuddin Ali Khan contacted this page in March this year wanting to organise a class to teach Quran to the blind students, but did not know where to obtain a braille Quran.
Alhamdulillah today in cooperation with our NGO International Union of Braille Quran Services, they held the first class to teach the blind how to read the Holy Quran using braille. Inshaa Allah this is a great start enabling the blind Muslims in India to access the Holy Quran.

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First Braille Quran in Malaysia... 30 years ago

Almost 30 years ago my friend's mum Hajjah Jawahir a Quran teacher read out the Quran to Haji Mohd Noor who is blind and he typed out one of the first braille versions of the Quran. Today he visited her and recited the Quran using the braille Quran for her to hear. She is now blind in one eye but still reads and teaches Quran.

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