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Braille Quran summer camp for the students of the Light and Hope School in Gaza

Alhamdulillah the camp started last Saturday and we have 61 students from the School of Light and Hope this year, many of them have been coming every summer since we started in 2012, and they enjoy coming to summer camp like normal sighted students.We also have a mother and daughter , both blind, who have joined to learn and memorise the Quran together.

Last Ramadan, we launched the first Memorisation competition for all blind people in Gaza where they have to memorise Surah AlBaqarah. It was advertised over the radio, and many people, young and old, came from all over Gaza to take part. This year inshaa Allah, the competition will be to memorise Surah Aal E Imran.

Please donate so that all the students , and the competition get funded . Jazakallah khair.